Spyglass is probably the most beautiful Windows disk space analyzer you’ll ever see. – Lifehacker

Powerful Scanning Engine; Elegant Interface; Simple Usage; Effective Duplicate Finder – addictivetips.com

Spyglass is a nice software and provides features of two different programs in a single software. – ilovefreesoftware.com

Powerful. Beautiful. Simple.

We made Spyglass to be simple and beautiful on the outside, but powerful and reliable on the inside; we wanted a tool that we would love to open everyday and admire for its simplicity, beauty, practicality, and power.  The result is Spyglass.  Spyglass is a perfect companion for fixing your cluttered disks and folders.  It allows you to navigate your folders and files using a beautiful Sunburst View, a versatile File Navigation View, and smart Breadcrumbs.  Spyglass also comes with a powerful Duplicate Finder that finds duplicate files based on the contents of the files, regardless of how they are named.  All of these useful features are wrapped in an intuitive and beautiful user interface.  Drag and drop a folder on, or simply click the center icon to start scanning.  Getting help is always just one click away.  And with Windows Explorer integration, you can browse any file or folder quickly and easily.  You will love the simplicity and power of this amazing tool.

Intuitive Navigation

The beautiful Sunburst View, the versatile File Navigation Bar, and the smart Breadcrumbs allow you to easily navigate your files and folders.  On the Sunburst View, click the blue arcs to drill in and the center black circle to drill out.  You can see the details about a file or a folder by hovering your mouse over an arc.  The blue arcs represent folders, the orange arcs represent files, and the gray arcs are combined files and folders that are very small.  The File Navigation Bar on the left shows all the files and folders in a tree structure.  Select a folder or a file to highlight the corresponding arc on the Sunburst View.  Click anywhere outside to unhighlight an arc.  You can also double click a folder to drill in and double click it again to drill back out.  The Breadcrumbs on the top show you the full path of the selected folder.  You can click any folder within the Breadcrumbs to drill in to that folder.

Duplicate Finder

Spyglass is not just for visualizing your hard disk, but is also a tool to keep it clean and spacious.  Spyglass comes with a fast and reliable Duplicate Finder that is very easy to use.  It works by analyzing the content of the files, not just the names, giving you more accurate results.  After you have flagged files, you can either choose to relocate the files or remove them – sending the files to their new home, the Recycle Bin.  Select a file on the left panel to see all of its duplicates.  On the right panel, the first file is the file that you have selected, the others are its duplicates.  Now, flag files red for removal or yellow for relocation by clicking the flag icon.  The first click flags it red, the second click flags it yellow, and the third deselects the file.  Once you have flagged the files, use the bottom buttons to either show, move, or delete the flagged files.  It has never been so easy to find duplicate files, and move or delete them.

Browse using Windows Explorer

Want to perform regular file and folder operations?  Opening Windows Explorer is just one click away.  When in Visualization mode or Duplicate Finder mode, you will see a curled arrow in front of a file or a folder.  Click the arrow to open and highlight the selected file or folder in the Windows Explorer.

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version 1.2 Windows XP+
For better performance and faster results, try scanning a big folder (like your user directory) rather than a whole hard disk.