LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, powerful yet free Text Editor for passionate writers. You can use LightPaper to write any kind of text documents – blogs, articles, notes, READMEs, TODOs, or the next chapter of your new novel. Its simple interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on writing. To remove distractions, you can switch to Distraction Free Mode to completely immerse yourself in your current paragraph. It comes bundled with a handful of themes and beautiful fonts. You can also easily create your own themes or add existing ones.

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LightPaper for Mac Screenshot

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version 0.9 Mac OSX 10.8+

(LightPaper) just made working with markdown on OSX so much easier – @mtkd

Awesome Features

  • Built-in Folder Navigator
  • Multi-tabs
  • Markdown and MultiMarkdown Support
  • Live Preview
  • Built-in and custom styles for both editor and preview
  • Distraction-Free Mode
  • Quick Open
  • PDF/HTML/Audio Export
  • GitHub flavored Code Blocks Support
  • Math Rendering support in output
  • Syntax Highlighting for Code Blocks
  • Community contributed awesome themes – check them out here
  • Free and updated regularly!

… Pretty Good … – @John_Papa

… this is by far the best editor I’ve seen. – @JayHealey

… In few words, amazing! – [@Godenough] (

Get it Now!
version 0.9 Mac OSX 10.8+

New in version 0.9

  • Support for syntax highlighting in preview powered by prismjs.
  • Support for Math preview rendering powered by MathJAX.
  • Auto save edited documents every 30 seconds.
  • Header outline navigator – navigate preview quickly and easily by clicking links on a popover window.
  • Allow loading of local images.
  • Folder navigator allows renaming of files and folders inline.
  • Spelling check goodness: auto spelling check, a shortcut for quickly toggling spell check (⌥⌘;), and persistent spell check setting.
  • You can now use system fonts.
  • Remove Jekyll Front-matter from the preview.
  • Subscribe to get the latest alpha updates and help us test out the new features, improvements, and fixes.
  • Improved highlighting latency – from 1 second down to 50 milliseconds.
  • Better support for smaller screens.
  • Installer is about 50% lighter.
  • Lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

Checkout Full Release Notes

… I have used nearly every #Markdown editor. If you are looking for a great one (on #osx), check out @LightPaperApp. I am liking it a lot. – @oompt
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